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Sunset at Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra
Sunset at Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra Medria Hardhienata
I am an Indonesian (living in Australia) self-employed front-end designer and developer focusing on designing website, webapp, and/or mobile app using Sketch as my tool of choice. I then convert the design into HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript (usually Vanilla JS, jQuery as well as using framework such as ReactJS and MeteorJS).

I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Bogor Agricultural University and Master degree in Computing from the Australian National University, and work with various companies around the globe, designing and developing website for small, medium, as well as work with web and design agencies.

With my friends, I co-foundered the Symberra company that is a cloud-based data analytic platform that specialises in large-scale data modelling and simulations. It is also part of the first Griffin Accelerator program that was initiated in 2014 in Canberra.

Other fact

I am also a graphic designer, some of my design can be found at diorama.life. And when I'm not doing design or code, I like writing calligraphy, it helps me stay focus and calm. Other than that I used to draw Japanese manga.

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