Muhamad Ishlah

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Front-end designer and developer focusing on designing website, webapp, and/or mobile app. Also have a deep interest in Artificial Intelligent.

MeteorJS App: Yaumiyyah (Part 1)

Bismillah, As I posted before about One in Two Weeks MeteorJS App, I started to find out what application I want to develop first. And to start with, I decided to create a tracking app for everyday deeds, which will be called “Yaumiyyah“, an arabic term for…

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One in Two Weeks MeteorJS App

Bismillah, Have you ever heard or used MeteorJS? If yes, than you may have already known how simple and robust it is. Otherwise, you might want to try to use it. Why? why not? I found it’s easy to understand. You don’t have to understand…

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First day at the new building (Supposed to be)

Yesterday, 19 October 2014, marked the last day we use NICTAas our basecamp of Griffin Accelerator after we (5 teams, including Symberra) had been in the three months mentoring and been incubated in the first Griffin Accelerator program at NICTA Canberra. And today is supposed to be the first day at the new…

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Melawan Kebiasaan Menunda: Don’t Break Your Chains

Bismillah, Saya dan sebagian dari Anda mungkin pernah bermasalah dengan penundaan, menunda apapun itu, yang menyebabkan apa yang Anda tunda terbengkalai hingga akhirnya harus tergesa-gesa menyelesaikannya di akhir waktu dan menyebabkan penyesalan, terutama jika hal yang ditunda memiliki tenggat waktu tertentu. Mari kita coba melawan…

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